Paul On Syria

As always, Glenn Beck uses fear to win supporters. He said on his radio show today that Putin stepping in on the Syria issue shows the demise of the United States and the emergence of Russia as the leading superpower. Senator Rand Paul, who was a guest on the radio show, disagreed but said that if this were a tennis match, the advantage would be to Putin. Paul said that Obama’s administrations’ inability to make decisions shows the failure of the president, but not the failure of America as a superpower. Senator Paul appeared on Fox News last night where he said that he was not convinced by Obama’s speech that Syria’s use of chemical weapons is a threat to the United States’ national security. He also said that he agrees with Senator Ted Cruz that the United States should not help Al-Qaeda. Paul said, “We’re hearing it directly from soldiers, we’re hearing it from their parents … they aren’t willing to fight for Al Qaeda.” This response is a little unfair to President Obama, who was waiting for Congressional support before he authorized the force bill. If he used his powers as Commander in Chief, he would have been criticized for being arrogant and a dictator. By waiting for Congress, he allowed for Russia, who is an ally to Syria, to step in and force Syria to give up its chemical weapons. If this resolution goes through, it will be an example to the relationship between the two superpowers Russia and the United States, as well as the use of diplomacy to thwart international conflict. As the United Nations is very much based off the League of Nations President Wilson tried to install after the horrors of World War I, this resolution allows the United Nations to step in to avoid military use. Senator Paul said that it was Congress who stalled the military strike process as representatives of the American people. President Obama, on the other hand, says that the threat of military force is what allowed Putin to step in. The opinions on the use of force in Syria is very split. Both Democrats and Republicans are in favor or opposed. No matter what your opinion may be, I think it is still important to acknowledge that Obama is the President of the United States, and that if we do not stand together we will surely fall apart. His call to Congress to vote on a resolution shows the workings of democracy, as well as our American government’s values to represent the people. If he did not ask Congress to vote, Senator Paul would not be able to make his case and rally for the reason to not intervene in Syria.