Putin Steps Up

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, said that in order for Syria to remove its chemical weapons and hand them over to the United Nations, the possibility of a US military strike can no longer be an option. Putin said, “Certainly, this is all reasonable, it will function and will work out, only if the US and those who support it on this issue pledge to renounce the use of force, because it is difficult to make any country – Syria or any other country in the world – to unilaterally disarm if there is military action against it under consideration.” The White House said that they have to work more with the United Nations about the possibility of moving this resolution forward. Obama will make a public appearance to America tonight where he makes the case for military strikes on Syria. Putin confirmed that President Obama and he spoke about the possibility of Syria removing its chemical weapons, and Obama told Putin that he would have Secretary of State John Kerry speak with a Russian diplomat.