Obama Making the Rounds

There has been much criticism about Obama throughout his presidency that he lacks leadership skills. As the head of the executive branch of government, his opponents say he is a celebrity and is not working with Congress to get things done. This week, however, is the time where this observation will be tested. Both parties are remarkably split when it comes to Syria, and Senators like Susan Collins from Maine said that the president is going to have to work very hard to get their support. Obama is definitely making the effort now, and stopped by Vice President Biden’s dinner with Republican senators at the Naval Observatory last night. Obama’s arrival was unannounced, and he stayed for 80 minutes. The Republican senators who were at the dinner were Senator Graham, Senator Collins, Senator Chambliss, Senator Corker, Senator Ayotte, and Senator Fischer. Congress returns from its August recess today, so this was perfect timing for the president to try and garner support in an informal setting.