Ron Paul Delighted

The famed former Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul is a champion for libertarians. Although more moderate, his son Senator Rand Paul is like his father in avoiding US involvement abroad. Ron Paul appeared on MSNBC today where he said, “I think there’s a historic event going on here and if this vote is won, that is defeat (of) the request to have more military approach to Syria, I think it will be historic because it would be a grand coalition of the Libertarian Republicans and the Democratic Progressives.” The Obama administration is working hard to ensure there are 60 votes to bring the force bill to vote, but they are facing opposition from both Democrats and Republicans in this major event. Obama has stated that he plans to put no boots on the ground in Syria, but many are wary on how Assad will respond, and more importantly how Russia will respond as they are Syria’s longtime ally. Paul continued that although everyone is worried about the split between the two parties, he is “delighted” by is because it is pulling opposite people together.