Red Line Flare

Donald Rumsfeld, former Secretary of Defense for President Bush, has been making numerous appearances on Fox News lately to offer his opinion on the current administration’s actions regarding Syria. Although President Bush has declined to take sides on the matter, Rumsfeld is very clear that he thinks President Obama lacks leadership and clarity. He told Fox News after he heard Obama said the world had drawn a red line, which was not his original statement, “This president has tried to blame everybody or anybody, for everything and leadership requires that you stand up, take a position, provide clarity and take responsibility. And I can’t imagine him saying that he didn’t draw the red line. But he did draw a red line … We have ears!” Senator Chambliss from Georgia, who is for action in Syria but wants to wait until the amendments and final bill is produced before he makes his decision, said that Obama seems to be lost when he does not have a teleprompter. Chambliss said that Obama is trying to throw Congress under the bus for the red line comment, and he seems to forget his own words. Obama is traveling to Russia for the G-20 summit, where he told reporters that he will continue to rouse support for Syria, and will make the American plan very clear to our allies. Putin said that he will allow a Syria talk at the dinner tonight.