Poe to Dempsey

Congressman Ted Poe from Texas questioned General Dempsey today in the House Foreign Affair Committee hearing on the Obama Administration’s response to the civil war in Syria. The president is requesting from Congress the permission to use force in Syria, and the Committee questioned the extent, the outcome, and the reasons for this force. Poe’s questions were targeted to General Dempsey, where he said that the United State’s foreign policy in the Middle East has been inconsistent, and our enemies and allies, even Americans do not know how we deal with this unstable region. Congressman Poe said that there is no good side in this civil war. You have Hezbollah on one side, and on the other you have various terrorist groups. Poe acknowledged that there is no doubt there is a bad guy, which is President Assad, and that the United States should punish him for using chemical weapons. Congressman Poe’s question, however, was what the retaliation will be? How will Russia who has been supplying Syria these weapons respond? Poe said that there is no doubt that Assad will respond, but then what will America do? Will America increase force? General Dempsey responded in a very short, limited way that Poe joked was the way of a military general. The general said it is impossible to eliminate chemical weapons in Syria, but that the United States must enforce the standard of chemical weapons, which Syria has broken. Dempsey said that he does not view an American escalation due to our allies and help in the region. The Obama administration does not want to remove Assad from power, but to show that breaking international law will have repercussions. Secretary Kerry said that the United States is not acting as the moral policeman for the world, for we are joined by over 100 countries who think Syria has crossed the line. Kerry said that we are the leader, however, because the United States has been blessed to have the best military in the world.