American Food Security Down

Congress is focused on foreign policy and whether or not we will aid Syrian rebels. It is ironic, that as the attention abroad, the Agriculture Departments annual report on household food security showed that American households are experiencing increasingly high food shortages. The “insecure” families had 26 percent less than “secure” families. This number is correlated to the recession the United State economy is in, and is despite the federal expenditures that increased food stamps. The House will be voting for the cut of 40 billion in food stamp when they return from August recess. This is part of Republican’s welfare reform, and they are showing examples of those who are taking advantage of food stamps and welfare in order to live leisurely lifestyles. House Whip Kevin McCarthy released a statement, “Newscasts tell stories of young surfers who aren’t working but cash their food stamps in for lobster.” The welfare system is precarious because some families truly need government aid to get them out of a bad situation and on their feet, whereas others take advantage of not working and receiving a check every month from the government. Republicans are focused on revitalizing the economy, which would take away the need for those unemployed to rely on the government.