Assad Asks For Single Proof

President Bashar Assad of Syria released a statement today where he asked the United States to show proof that the regime is using chemical weapons on its civilians. In an interview with a french publication, he said that the United States and France have failed to exhibit evidence. Assad said he “challenges” the US and France to show a single proof. Avoiding questions if Syria did have chemical weapons, Assad said, “Suppose that our army wished to use weapons of mass destruction: Is it possible to use them in a zone where it is itself, and where soldiers were injured by them, as found by United Nations weapons inspectors in their visit to the hospital where they were treated? Where is the logic?” He said that any country who supports terrorists within Syria is an enemy. Proof of chemical weapons is vital to the authority the United States has in attacking Syria, and was the reason behind the Bush administration entering Iraq. There proved to be no weapons of mass destruction within Saddam Hussein’s administration, although he claimed there to be so. In an interview with Oprah after Bush left the presidency, he said that although he does think the world is a better place without Hussein as a cruel dictator, he was disappointed to find that he did not have the said weapons. With many lives taken and destroyed in the Iraq war, Congress will have to bear in mind what they are willing to sacrifice at the expense of soldiers’ sacrifices.