McCain Wants Outline

Senator John McCain has been noticed lately for his diplomacy in the senate across party lines. As a member of the gang of eight and as one of the key players to avoid the nuclear option for the filibuster this summer, he has proved his ability to pull the senate into action. McCain said today that is Congress fails to pass a use of force bill, the results will be “catastrophic.” He said, however, that he will not vote for it if there is not a clear outline on the presidents intentions in Syria and the plan of attack. McCain said that the administration must provide support for the Assad opposition, as well as a bombing campaign. McCain was joined by Senator Graham, who are clear that if Assad goes unpunished for his use of chemical weapons, it will be an example and a precedent that will weaken the United States reputation in the eyes of these dictators and terrorist groups. Senator Graham said the Obama administration should allow those oppressed by the Assad regime to speak with the American people. Congress will adjourn from August recess on September 9th.