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Rumsfeld on Syria

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld appeared on Fox News today where he said that the Obama administration has not provided leadership or a clear reason for the involvement of the US in Syria’s civil war. Rumsfeld said that, “If you think of what’s really important in that region, it’s two things,” he added. “It’s Iran’s […]

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A daily rewind of major Republican events.

Cruz on Syria, Obamacare

Senator Ted Cruz is receiving a lot of news time due to his march against Obamacare. He is very public about his disapproval of the president’s administration, and today said that he thinks the conflict in Syria and the disorganization of Obamacare represent the arrogance and disconnect of the administration on a whole. Senator Cruz […]

McCain Calls for Action

Senator John McCain, known as the “hawk” in the senate, has been trying to raise awareness about Syria since the winter. He has a very aggressive foreign policy, and as a Vietnam veteran and POW is very vocal about the need for military action. The senator appeared on Fox News today where he said the […]

Elephant News Daily Rewind

A daily rewind of major Republican events.

Congressman Wants Compromise

Congressman Steve Pearce is the only white Congressman who represents a majority latino district. For this reason, he is emerging as one of the leaders on the forefront for immigration which will be addressed when Congress returns from August recess. Pearce has used his August break to travel around his district going to townhall meetings and inviting an […]

Reagan on Reagan

Hollywood has a way of using history to make an entertaining story which sometimes blurs facts. Michael Reagan, son of the famous Republican President Ronald Reagan, said in an article with Newsmax that the movie ‘The Butler’ was so inaccurate, it might as well be called, ‘The Butler from Another Planet.’ This movie, which made […]