Obama Decided

The major superpowers of the world are in discussion on how to react regarding Assad’s use of chemical weapons on innocent civilians in Syria. Parliament voted against UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron’s desire to act, but the United States Congress still deliberating on what our plan will be. Both Democrats and Republicans are split on what America’s role is in the conflict. Senator Rand Paul appeared on Fox News where he said that there is no clear objective for our involvement, and does not want to put his son or other Americans sons at risk. President Obama said today that he will ask Congress to authorize the bombing of Syria, and that the Assad regime should be punished for its use of chemical weapons. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said that if the US does not act, it is an example to North Korea, Iran, and terrorist groups that they’re actions can go unpunished. The president said that the White House will provide briefings for every member of Congress. Obama very much ran on the promise that he would bring US troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan, a war that was also based off the use of “weapons of mass destruction” from unstable regimes. Obama said that he decided the use of force against Syria is necessary, and he will act regardless of the United Nations or are allies inaction because they have been “paralyzed.”  Vladimir Putin said that he thinks the United States should look at what they view as their “success” in Iraq and Afghanistan before they act, and that the US should consider if strikes will actually make a difference on civilian casualties. The Obama administration is going to have a hard time convincing Republican leaders such as Senator Paul, who believes that the objective in Syria is a “stalemate.” Senator McCain and Senator Rubio, however, believe that force is needed. A recent poll showed that Americans believe Obama must have the approval from Congress before any military action takes place, and it will be a forefront topic when Congress returns from August recess.