Obama Calls Boehner

The Obama Administration has been criticized by Republicans due to its lack of leadership and organization on how the country will act in response to the conflict in Syria. Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld appeared on Fox News today, and Senator Ted Cruz complained that the president is not communicating with Congress. Political commentators are saying that this is the first test of Obama’s second term, and the country is holding its breath to see how the president will act. The president called Speaker John Boehner today, which he has not done since early August to tell him the administrations plans on how they are going to act with Syria. This call was in response to a letter the Speaker wrote to Obama yesterday, where according to Boeher’s spokesperson Brendan Buck he asked, “the legal justification for any military strike, the policy and precedent such a response would set, and the objectives and strategy for any potential action.” Buck continued that only the president could answer these questions, and further conversations with Congress and the American people are needed.