McCain Calls for Action

Senator John McCain, known as the “hawk” in the senate, has been trying to raise awareness about Syria since the winter. He has a very aggressive foreign policy, and as a Vietnam veteran and POW is very vocal about the need for military action. The senator appeared on Fox News today where he said the Obama administration has failed to lay out a concrete plan dealing with Syria and the civil war that is currently happening. Assad’s use of chemical weapons on civilians has turned the war into more of a genocide, and McCain is adamant that the United States needs to take action. McCain said on Fox & Friends that those “who say we should stay out of Syria do not understand that this is now a regional conflict” that is increasingly “getting worse,” he said. “And what is the president’s policy? What is the president’s policy?” The regional conflict is in reference to the US conflict with Iran, as well as protecting our ally Israel from attack. Many also view this to be a human rights issue, and that America will lose credibility if they let this go without involvement.