Cruz on Syria, Obamacare

Senator Ted Cruz is receiving a lot of news time due to his march against Obamacare. He is very public about his disapproval of the president’s administration, and today said that he thinks the conflict in Syria and the disorganization of Obamacare represent the arrogance and disconnect of the administration on a whole. Senator Cruz does not think America should be involved in Syria as a moral policeman, but only on the premise that it would be protecting American lives. He said that he thinks the President should open a conversation with the American Congress as well as the people to explain the goal of involvement in Syria, and that the foremost reason should be to make sure Al-Queda and Hezbollah do not obtain chemical weapons that can be used against Americans. Cruz thinks that this failure to speak with Congress as well as the American people is also the problem with Obamacare, and that instead the administration is forcing the law down their throats. Cruz said that Americans should hold their politicians accountable, including himself. A strong right winger, he said that the American people are the heirs to the constitution, and the administration needs to remember that before they act. To read Cruz’s interview with Fox News on the two subjects, please visit