Congressman Wants Compromise

Congressman Steve Pearce is the only white Congressman who represents a majority latino district. For this reason, he is emerging as one of the leaders on the forefront for immigration which will be addressed when Congress returns from August recess. Pearce has used his August break to travel around his district going to townhall meetings and inviting an open discussion about the issue. In an article by the New York Times, the video accompanying the article starts with the four back to back radio shows Pearce attended where he stated his position on the bill. He said as a national policy maker, he does not see it to be fair to let those who came in illegally gain citizenship before those who have been waiting legally. He explained that there are two stances to the immigration bill: those who want to grant amnesty and those who do not. Pearce said that he wants compromise between the two, but is very firm in his own conviction that illegals must wait as everyone else has waited. An immigration reform bill passed in the senate, which would grant amnesty to millions of undocumented illegals after Congress implemented certain border security triggers and technology. Congressman Pearce said that immigration is not the problem in the United States, but the perception of immigration. He thinks that as discussion has come this far, it would be a waste if no legislation were passed. In Pearce’s legislation, he would create a guest worker program that allowed illegals to stay in the country if they were working. Pearce was elected with a 60 percent majority in a mostly latino community. When New York Times interviewed immigrants who had gained citizenship legally in Pearce’s district in New Mexico, they said that they do not care about immigration reform and are more concerned with the economy. They view that Congressman Steve Pearce is the best to represent them and create jobs, which is their foremost interest. To read the article, please visit