An Actress for Elephants

Angie Harmon proudly came out in an interview with More magazine for their September issue that she is a ‘liberal Republican.’ This detail was so shocking, that Politico wrote an article about it. As Democrats have a star list of supporters, it is rare that besides country singers, Republicans can claim any cool celebrities. Harmon said, “I’m a liberal Republican,” she says. “We actually exist. … Call it naïveté or stupidity, but I didn’t know that unless you are a Democrat, you aren’t allowed to talk politics in Hollywood.” There are more and more young people who are identifying with this same mentality, and feel that they are disconnected to the far right and their very conservative beliefs. With people like Harmon, however, hopefully more “Independents” will come out of the woodwork as Republicans, and we can work to get the cool factor back.