Trump Offers Advice

It has not even been a year since Obama won his second term presidential vote, but Republicans everywhere cannot stop talking about 2016. Senator Rand Paul and Senator Rubio have been pinned, as well as tea party favorite Senator Cruz. Governor Chris Christie, the big personality from New Jersey, refuses to say whether or not he plans to run, as well as Governor Perry and former Governor Jeb Bush. Donald Trump appeared on Fox News today, where he advised Chris Christie from not using Stuart Stevens. Stevens was Mitt Romney’s top strategist for his campaign, and Trump thinks he did a horrible job. Trump told Fox News, “I thought he did a terrible job for Mitt Romney, absolutely terrible. I think that was an election that should have been won. The result was a total disaster. That was an election that shouldn’t have been lost, and it was an election that wasn’t that close.” The reason Republicans are still so bruised by Romney’s loss, is that they feel they gave it away. Many compared Romney/Obama to Reagan/Carter, and saw Romney as the man to lead the Republican party and America out of its economic misery. Obama ran a much better campaign, and Republicans like Trump do not want to see this happen again in 2016.