Texas Talking Obamacare

The seven foot high healthcare law is very confusing, even to the leaders that wrote the law. There are multiple facets about the law that are unknown, and both sides are adamant that they have the statistics that show its future success or decline. Governor Rick Perry, who has been in the limelight lately as a possible contender for 2016, is a champion against the Affordable Care Act. News has emerged recently, however, that Perry is going to accept part of the healthcare law that would give 100 million to the elderly in Texas. Josh Havens, a spokesperson for Perry, said in a statement, “Long before Obamacare was forced on the American people, Texas was implementing policies to provide those with intellectual disabilities more community options to enable them to live more independent lives, at a lower cost to taxpayers.” He continued that Texas will move forward with this part of Obamacare because it is right for citizens in the state, and they are disregarding the other parts of the healthcare law. This support from a Republican stronghold goes against other lawmakers in Congress who are lobbying for the new Continuing Resolution to include no funds for Obamacare.