Perry To California

Rick Perry’s popular opinion sometimes varies. He is staunchly Republican, and hard on social issues. What is most important about the Texas Governor, however, is the economic success his state has had under his leadership. Attorney General Greg Abbott announced his run for Governor under the pretense that Texas has the best economic success out of any state which is due to its anti-Washington policies. Perry said that he will not run for Governor again, and many are wondering if this is due to his presidential aspirations. He ran unsuccessfully in 2012, but may still have his eyes on the Oval Office. Perry is credited for creating policies that encourage opportunities for entrepreneurs. With this background, Rick Perry will headline the California Republican Party’s convention this fall. Perry said in the ad, “Building a business is tough, but I hear building a business in California is next to impossible.” Texas’ success can be used as an example to Democratic states such as California, as well as to encourage these blue states to follow red state’s economic models.