Detroit As a Poster

Hadas Gold wrote an article for Politico today called ‘Detroit, the right’s perfect piñata.” In this article, he writes about how this city’s failure can be viewed as a symbol of the destruction of liberalsm. Detroit is full of unions and has been bailed out by the federal government, but its social policies could not pay for themselves and now the city has found itself in an embarrassing situation. I was just speaking with my friend the other day, and we were talking about young peoples’ slow change to become Republican. Although there are many who began working and are slowly seeing their paycheck wither away due to taxes, the social issues are enough to still make them remain loyal to the left. My friend, however, told me that she will vote no matter what for Republicans in the next election, and when I asked why she said, “Look at Detroit.” Democrats have retorted to the numerous political commentators that are using Detroit as an example to what will happen to the rest of America, that Detroit’s failure is due to “bad leadership.” Politico wrote, “Even Ted Nugent, who earlier in his music career was widely known as the “Motor City Madman,” got in on the act, telling TMZ: “Liberal Democrats took hold of the greatest, most productive city on earth and turned it into a bloodsucker excuse-making hell. If allowed to continue, our President will do the same to the whole country. Heartbreaking and tragic.” With the fiscal year approaching, Democrats are threatening a government shutdown that people like Karl Rove think will be bad PR for Republicans. The Detroit debacle, however, should be stronger in American’s hearts in its example of government that spends too much. To read more, please visit,