What Went Wrong

The RNC will be meeting in Boston where they will address the failure of the past presidential election, and create a cohesive message that will help them be ready for 2016. Many people compared the hopeful president Mitt Romney to Reagan in the 1980 election against President Carter, and up until election night the Republicans thought they had most purple states. Republican Strategist Karl Rove was even booted from Fox News after making a scene and wrongly calling Ohio. This election was a wake up call for Republicans, who have long been trying to create a message that incorporates both tea partiers and moderates. Most importantly, the wide group of independents that are undecided. The short term goal of the RNC is to team up with sister committees and states to help in 2013 and 2014 for congressional seats, and then have enough momentum to take back the Oval Office. The RNC is trying a new campaign strategy headquartered in Virginia, where they work from precincts up. With a low approval rating, Republicans are aware that Obama had a much better campaign and was able to mobilize more voters that gave him an edge over Romney. The RNC also has a new ‘playbook’ that targets certain demographics. Again, a response to their poor response from the Latino and African American community. Tomorrow, the RNC will launch their “Rising Stars” campaign that shows off new emerging party leaders and their potential. Reince Priebus, the RNC chairman, is making an obvious and aggressive leadership push to pull the Republicans back into one party and end the civil war that happens often between the far right and more middle members. It is an exciting time to be a Republican, and time will tell how the party evolves.