Republicans Need Cool Factor

Anna Wintour has turned from fashion editor to political commentator. There were rumors that because of her strong support for President Obama and ability to raise tons of contributions for his campaign, that Miss Wintour would turn from choosing clothes to display in the highly regarded Vogue magazine to Ambassador to the United Kingdom. She did not get the diplomatic position, but Wintour continues to put in her two cents about politicians.The state of Texas has been strongly red, but there have been pockets of blue that give the DNC hope for turning it to their favor. The national democrats started this winter their “Battleground Texas” campaign, which would secure a large handful of electoral votes in presidential elections if the state changed colors. Because of the state’s affiliation, however, it seemed like this campaign was unrealistic. EVerything changed  when a blonde in pink sneakers from Fort Worth, Texas, used the filibuster for 12 hours to delay the vote on an omnibus abortion bill. The Democrats, at that moment, found their woman. She immediately grabbed national attention, and pro-choice activists gathered around her to show her support. Governor Rick Perry and Senator Davis went head to head, and in a very dramatic vote where thousands of protestors camped out on the Capitol. The vote was even delayed due to protestors chaining themselves to fences. The bill passed, but Wendy Davis stated proudly that she would not stop fighting. Texas Democrats are now supporting her for Governor, and the Texas Democrat website is urging Democrats throughout Texas to show ‘Wendy” they want her to run. And now, in the September issue, she has Vogues support. Vogue’s article is no doubt oozing with praise, and they put her in very expensive shoes and a dress where she stands domineering in the Austin Capitol. The article shows her success story, but also paints her as this fashion figure with a certain “girl power” cool factor. Vogue’s political affiliation could not be more apparent through the political women leaders they choose to showcase. Governor Rick Perry is not running in 2014, and it is still uncertain who Davis’ Republican opponent will be. Republicans throughout the United States have lost their cool factor-and they need it back if they want to go all the way in 2016.