Senator Rand Paul Calls Obamacare ‘Dinosaur Syndrome’

Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky told the Daily Show that the authors of the Affordable Care Act have what he calls the Dinosaur syndrome. This syndrome entails having a small brain but a big heart. Paul said that although he thinks Obamacare has great intentions, it will cost a fortune and is not realistic. He thinks that insurance costs are going to increase rapidly, and America is going to find that despite the law’s name, this is unaffordable. He told John Oliver from the Daily Show that “I’m afraid that everyone will pay a lot more for insurance. And I think precisely the people it was intended to help it may well hurt, because they may not be able to afford it.” Paul said that although the law has good intentions, it will have negative consequences. Obamacare is on the lips of most Republican politicians, as they are using August recess to spread awareness of the negative effects that will happen once it goes into practice.