Republicans On Defense

I recently spoke with my friend who was telling me how important word choice is for politics. Anti versus pro register in your subconscious as either negative or positive, and therefore create a party of growth or decline. Republicans, since the election of Obama, have very much been on the defensive and are blamed for most stagnation in Congress. The topic of this August recess in Congress and across news channels is Obamacare, and more importantly the threat of the government shutdown that will happen if the Republicans decide to not vote on a budget that includes its funding. Senator Lee and Strategist Karl Rove went head to head on Sean Hannity’s radio show, where Rove pointed out that the Republicans will be blamed harshly if there is a government shutdown that will lead to losing seats in Congress. Rove said that the Democrats want a government shutdown, for it is an easy campaign platform that can portray the Republicans as inhibiting the country from moving forward. Senators like Ted Cruz from Texas are going around the country advocating for a budget that does not include funding, and telling constituents about the negative effects of the law once it goes into practice. Senator Lee responded to Rove that the problem is that the party keeps on caving to Democrats in fear of negative polls. It is a toss up, as Democrats lobbied for the harsh effects of the sequester-most of which were not seen. Rove said that the best way would be to delay the implementation of Obamacare for one more year. Senators like Lee, however, view this as dusting the dirt under the carpet instead of removing it for good. Obamacare has been a continuous saga in American politics, and most Americans are not sure of its effects or what the law even contains. It is time to open the conversation to the American people, and promote transparency of the law so that the blame is not placed on our leaders, but instead is a reflection of what Americans want for their healthcare.