Oprah for Obamacare

Republicans are fighting against Obamacare, and trying to show the increase in taxes and burden on small business owners if the healthcare law goes into effects. When Obama was first running, his main attack was that he was a celebrity politician. Jay-Z and Beyonce were upfront and center at the inauguration, and he asked the head of the NFL this spring to help promote Obamacare. This effort did not seem to do the trick, and Republican leadership are threatening they won’t pass a Continuing Resolution if it funds the health law. The president seems to be desperate, and is using his celebrity supporters to promote his unpopular law, the most important being Oprah. Oprah sent a representative to the White House to discuss the lay out and what will happen when it goes into effect. Oprah has famously coined the “Oprah effect” which has helped small businesses, authors, writers, performers, and even President Obama in his primary election against Hillary Clinton. As Congress will vote this fall on the new budget, it will be interesting to see how much influence she has with the popular rating of this law.