Trump Golfs With Boehner

The one time hopefully president nominee and business mogul Donald Trump has always cozied up with Republicans. He is very vocal about National Politics, and appeared on Fox News today where he said that Speaker Boehner is doing a good job. He told Fox News that he does’t think Boehner is “dragging his feet,” and that he has a hard time as speaker in uniting the Republicans who have different stances on key issues. Trump said, “There is a problem, and part of the problem for the Republicans is you have two very divergent groups, you have people that are hard-liners that want very much to see it shut down; you have others that are not so hard-line but they want Obamacare ended because they know how destructive it’ll be. And actually, the Republicans are going to have to get together and choose one or the other. They can’t be divided on the issue.” Trump spent the weekend golfing with Speaker Boehner as well as Ari Emmanuel. Trump said that he had the lowest score.