Christie Looking Hot

Governor Chris Christie has that “cool factor” most Republicans, and politicians for that matter, try to have. He gave a speech at the RNC, fist pumping as he got on stage and enthusiastically calling on America to vote for Governor Mitt Romney. As New Jersey’s Governor, he makes frequent jokes about the Shore and speaks of his super intense Italian mother who taught him how to get a job done. He’s not all show, however. Christie reacted very well to Hurricane Sandy, and wasn’t afraid to thank and show support for Obama’s help weeks before the election. Christie is clear that he is subservient to no one but the people he leads. In a recent Quinnipiac poll, Christie is the “hottest” politician. He scored a 53.1 to Former Secretary of State and potential presidential nominee Hillary Clinton at 52.1. President Obama came in at fourth at 47.6. When the poll only included Republicans, however, Christie came in at fourth behind winner Paul Ryan at 68.7. This poll shows that Christie has more of a bipartisan appeal, but he is going to have to work if he wants to get the approval of the far right, who  think even Rick Santorum is hotter than him.