The “Younger” Generation

Republicans were up in arms last month when Liz Cheney announced she was running against current senator from Wyoming Mike Enzi. Many people saw this as a betrayal, and stories emerged that Dick and Mike were fly fishing friends, and Enzi was hurt that she was running against him. Cheney’s adds and stance are based off her being young, and that the older generation no longer is able to connect with the needs of the fast changing world. As 2014 gets closer, more candidates are coming out of the woodwork and surprising the Republican party. Nancy Mace announced yesterday that she plans to run against fellow Republican Senator Lindsey Graham. Graham is a senior senator and very vocal within the senate chambers. He is tough on foreign policy, and was a member of the ‘Gang of Eight’ who wrote the immigration reform bill that passed in June. Mace is the first woman to have graduated from Citadel, a military school in Charleston. She told the Associated Press that Washington is too big and out of touch. This “out of touch” slogan hits a soft spot for older Republicans, who are blamed for not being up on social issues and properly identifying with more moderate or independent voters. Mace, however, is anti-abortion and has criticized Graham on his “soft” approach to Beghazi. Mace said she never planned to run for office, but the disfunction of Washington is called her to announce her bid. She owns a PR firm and has worked with current senator Tim Scott. As a young Republican, I agree that the party needs to change. It is interesting to see, however, that the younger women running against these older senators are attacking them on not being conservative or right wing enough, when the younger generations are turned off by this party just for those reasons. One never sees Democrats calling one another “too far left” or “too liberal,” and these elections for 2014 show the problem Republicans have in forming a cohesive party. If they want to take back the White House in 2016, there will be a need to stop civil war and to all get on one page that attracts all different kinds of Republicans. Right now, potential and current politicians appeal to factions with hopes of getting enough votes to cruise into office.