Cruz Takes Center Stage

Senator Rubio, the once drifter from the far right due to his immigration reform, is back on ship and striding against Obamacare. He said on the Senate floor today that Obamacare is like a “new coke.” He uses this example that this formula should be an example that if something is going wrong, learn from the lesson and stop it before it goes too far. He joined front runner Tea Party freshman Senator Ted Cruz in blasting the healthcare bill and calling on conservatives to defund it. Ted Cruz sparked controversy within his party, where he called colleague Senator Coburn from Oklahoma part of the “surrender caucus.” Ted Cruz is obviously vocal and passionate about ending the implementation of this healthcare law, but many of his GOP senators are looking at his small years of experience and brimstone speeches as ignorant to the huge ramifications of a government shutdown. Although he is not in favor for Obamacare, a shutdown would affect the lives of thousands of staffers who work on the Hill, as well as disgrace the democratic process the United States pride itself on. He said on the senate floor, “I don’t trust the Republicans, and I don’t trust the Democrats.” Cruz said that the leadership in both parties has gotten America into this problem, and what the leaders are doing to future generations with the huge American debt is immoral. Cruz said that borrowing money with no reforms to fix the problem is a major issue, and he wants Republicans to step up to the “spending spree.” Cruz wants to stop bankrupting our country, and one way to stop overspending is to not fund Obamacare.