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Elephant News Daily Rewind

A daily rewind of major Republican events.

Obama Decided

The major superpowers of the world are in discussion on how to react regarding Assad’s use of chemical weapons on innocent civilians in Syria. Parliament voted against UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron’s desire to act, but the United States Congress still deliberating on what our plan will be. Both Democrats and Republicans are split on […]

Matt Romney Not Running for Mayor

Matt Romney told the Los Angeles Times that he will not be running for San Diego Mayor. The local Republicans in the area were asking the son of former Governor Mitt Romney to consider a run, but he responded, “Out of respect for them, I agreed not to rule it out until today after allowing for […]

Cheney Enzi Drama

Liz Cheney, who is running against Senator Enzi in Wyoming for his senate seat, said today that she is not against gay marriage. Cheney’s sister, Mary is openly gay. Liz Cheney is running on the claim that she is very right wing and conservative. Cheney said, “I am strongly pro-life and I am not pro-gay marriage. […]

Bush On Syria

The media is exploding about Syria, and news stations are turning to the past president’s administration on how they would act. Former President George W. Bush, however, said that he is not going to be ‘roped in’ on the Syria issue. He told Fox & Friends that he is not a fan of the Assad […]

Elephant News Daily Rewind

A daily rewind of major Republican events.

Obama Calls Boehner

The Obama Administration has been criticized by Republicans due to its lack of leadership and organization on how the country will act in response to the conflict in Syria. Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld appeared on Fox News today, and Senator Ted Cruz complained that the president is not communicating with Congress. Political commentators are […]

Rumsfeld on Syria

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld appeared on Fox News today where he said that the Obama administration has not provided leadership or a clear reason for the involvement of the US in Syria’s civil war. Rumsfeld said that, “If you think of what’s really important in that region, it’s two things,” he added. “It’s Iran’s […]

Elephant News Daily Rewind

A daily rewind of major Republican events.

Cruz on Syria, Obamacare

Senator Ted Cruz is receiving a lot of news time due to his march against Obamacare. He is very public about his disapproval of the president’s administration, and today said that he thinks the conflict in Syria and the disorganization of Obamacare represent the arrogance and disconnect of the administration on a whole. Senator Cruz […]