Senate 2014 Race Off and Running

As 2014 approaches, the race for Senate seats has begun. As the Republicans are outnumbered, this election is crucial if they want to have the same weight as the Republican majority in the House. Representative Tom Cotton from Arkansas plans to announce his bid next week, where he will challenge Democrat Senator Mark Pryor. As a freshman Congressman, he is ascending the Republican ranks quickly. He served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and is very conservative. He also has two degrees from Harvard. Democrats insist that they have only lost three incumbent seats, but Arkansas, which typically runs red, will be an interesting race. Cotton grew up in Arkansas on a cattle farm, and is a sixth-generation Arkansan. Editor of the Weekly Standard Bill Kristol said about his senate bid, “If he just wanted to sort of represent one wing of the party, he could do that in the House,” Kristol said. “He has a real energetic, populist, free-market conservative [approach]. He’d be a real contributor to domestic policy, making sure the Republican Party is the party of Main Street, not Wall Street, and taking on crony capitalism.”