Republicans Focus on Tax Reform

As the new fiscal year approaches with a need for a Federal Budget, the attention in Congress is slowly shifting away from social and immigration issues to the economy. President Obama gave a speech in Illinois last week, where he talked about the need to refocus on jobs. One of his ideas, in particular, is an increase for minimum wage. Republicans are very against this idea, for they say it will deter employers from hiring. What Republicans are for, however, is tax reform. Presidential nominee Mitt Romney stated in his race that one of his ways to fix the economy was to close the many loopholes and complex system that is hurting small businesses. Senator Ayotte from New Hampshire wrote a letter to Senate Finance Committee Chairman Senator Max Baucus and Ranking Member Senator Orrin Hatch writing that the tax reform proposal should make the nation’s tax code simpler, fairer, and more pro-growth. She also advocated to keep the internet tax-free. To read more, please visit