Fischer Comes Forward on Energy

Senator Fischer, a freshman from Nebraska, is cosponsoring a bill that rejects Obama’s national energy tax. Senator Fischer said about the tax, The president’s energy tax plan is bad news for Nebraskans. The bottom line is more regulations and higher costs for middle class families, who are already over-taxed and over-regulated. This reasonable legislation simply requires the president to submit his new energy tax proposal for a vote in Congress, rather than enacting it through executive fiat. The American people have a right to have their voices heard, and that means having their elected representatives weigh in.” President Obama issued a Presidential Memorandum to the Environmental Protection Agency which will bypass Congress for a vote. In the memorandum, he wants to issue carbon pollution standard regulations. Fischer’s bill will require a vote by Congress before he can implement these regulations. The bill was also introduced by Senator Barrasso, Senator Alexander, Senator Enzi, Senator Paul, and Senator Rubio. The bill would ensure that Congressional authority is restored, block a new energy tax, protect jobs, and make Congressional intent clear to the public, according to Senator Fischer’s press release. To read more, please visit