Limbaugh Calls Cheney “Royalty”

Rush Limbaugh, who has a large, loyal audience, praised Liz Cheney on his talk show where he called her “Republican royalty.” Cheney will be using just that as her credentials to run for National Political office. He praised her that she has never swerved from her intense conservatism, but that is probably because she has never had to vote for anything besides people in elections. Cheney has gone on the defense herself, stating that her father and Senator Enzi were never fly-fishing buddies, and also saying Enzi must have been “confused” because she never said she would not run against him for the senate. Although Rush Limbaugh is on her side, many Wyoming residents do not consider her part of the state. She moved to the upscale vacation destination of Jackson Hole last year. When Senator Rand Paul heard she was running, he stated that he thought it was from her home state, Virginia. This election will prove how much money can influence an individual with few credentials ability to be elected to office.