Senators Using Business Support for Immigration

With the immigration bill moving its way to the House, the Gang of Eight is pushing for big and small businesses to advocate its passage It is sometimes easy to forget the power of lobbying in Washington, DC, but it is often referred to as the “fifth branch” of government for good reason. Senator John McCain, who was one of the writers of the bill, told New York Times, “The business community is solidly behind this — small business, large business, the chamber, the Business Roundtable, you name it, they’re all solidly in. We need them to weigh in, very frankly, on this issue, because we advertise ourselves as the party of business. Perhaps they can have some effect.” The House, which often prides itself of truly representing the people with its much shorter list of constituents in a given district, may be harder to buy. House Republican Lynn Jenkins of Kansas said about the influence of businesses, “the power lies with the people, at least in Kansas.” Speaker John Boehner said that he welcomes all “pitches” from businesses, as he would like to know the benefits and the setbacks of the bill. To read more, please visit