Senators Working Together

Senators met last Monday for a closed door meeting to discuss the filibuster and NLRB appointments. After all the hub of a broken senate, they proved media and their constituents wrong. The meeting was a success, and Senator Reid struck a deal with conservatives to prevent his use of the ‘nuclear’ option. There seems to be a trend lately of cross party relations, as certain ‘gangs’ emerged to confront major issues. The immigration reform bill and the student loan reform bill are two examples of showing the nation that Congress is still indeed functional. Senator Heller joined Senator Heinrich in wiring a letter to Senator Reid and Senator McConnell requesting more bipartisan meetings. The senators wrote, “This occasion provided a unique opportunity for Members of this deliberative body to engage with one another in a significant way. Senators from both sides of the aisle were able to have a respectful, yet frank and open discussion about issues that substantially impact the Rules that govern this Chamber.  We believe it was a productive meeting, and that similar gatherings should be repeated in the future. We respectfully ask that you consider instituting joint bipartisan activities on a more consistent basis,” To read more, please visit