Rubio’s Second Guess

It is not a secret that Senator Marco Rubio is a likely contender for 2016. As Republicans are searching for a party leader, he fits the criteria of a youthful senator who also happens to be hispanic. Senator Rubio gave the Republican response to the State of the Union, and is one of the most popular senators on all social media fronts. The immigration reform bill, which he spent 6 months garnering support for, was to be his breakout and solidification. In an article by Mike Allen for Politico, however, this may have been ironically his achilles heel. Senator Rubio only got 30% of his colleagues on board to vote yes, and conservative favorites like Senator Cruz and Senator Paul have actively voiced their dissatisfaction with the bill. His second guess is most seen when he became noticeably absent in garnering House support. Senator Rubio said, “The Senate bill has passed the Senate,” he said. “What’s there to advocate for?” This statement only came when Senate correspondent Manu Raju “cornered him” in the Capitol on Wednesday. To read more, please visit,