Another Closed Door Meeting

According to Tarini Parti reporting for Politico, Senator Marco Rubio will attend a Tea Party Caucus meeting next Tuesday where he will be confronted about his overwhelming support for the immigration reform bill and his involvement with the ‘gang of eight.’ The meeting will be led by Senator Rand Paul and Senator Mike Lee, who are considered the most “vocal conservatives” in the caucus. Senator Enzi, who is now in need to garner support within the Tea Party due to his tough upcoming primary, will also attend. is holding the meeting, but representatives from Americans for Tax Reform, Tea Party Express, 60 Plus, Republican Jewish Coalition, and National Payers Union will also be there. The RNC will also send a representative. Senator McCain said that this is in no way a divisive meeting, and it is “in a spirit of open arms.” This meeting is an example of the GOP working to create a cohesive message that involves all levels of conservatism in the party. To read more, please read