Senate to Meet Behind Closed Doors 6pm

The senate will have a behind closed door meeting tonight at 6pm to try and come to a compromise on the filibuster rule. Democrat Senators believe that the Republicans are abusing this power to delay the democratic process because they realize there are things they cannot change, such as the NLRB, in the usual legislative system. Senator Harkin from Iowa said on the senate floor today that Republicans are “hijacking the nomination process,” and are not focusing on whether the candidate is qualified. Senator Reid asked to move cloture to the desk, and is prepared to use the nuclear option if senators cannot come to a compromise tonight. The Republicans are up in arms for changing the cloture rule, which was originally adapted in the senate to end the filibuster on the Treaty of Versailles. Republicans are against the reduction to a simple majority vote, for it takes away power of the minority and the balance of power in the senate. Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said on the floor, “These are dark days in the history of the senate. I hate that we have come to this point. We’ve witnessed the majority leader break his word in the senate.”