Senate Leaders’ Tension Intensifies

When one thinks of the leaders in the Senate, they are often more soft-spoken and slow paced. Relatively older as they use their seniority to climb the ladder, Senator Reid and Senator McConnell are perfect examples of this stereotype. They are slower to react to heated issues, and are the leaders of the party in what bill to attack and what to let burn on the back burner. Their experience also allows them to have a thorough understanding of senate procedures and guidelines. This is why all of Capitol HIll is buzzing about the recent stand off between Senator Harry Reid who is Majority Leader, and Senator McConnell who is minority leader. According to Manu Raju and John Bresnahan reporting for Politico, the tension began when Senator Reid supposedly supported a super Pac with ads that directly attack McConnell in Kentucky where he is running for re-election in 2014. The article states that in an exchange on the senate floor McConnell addressed the emergence of the super Pac with little fear, saying, “Come on down, I hope you spend it all down there.” Senator Reid gave a short response that he knew “nothing about super Pacs.” As the senate resumes session tomorrow, Senator Reid said he would use the nuclear option that changes by Tuesday to override the filibuster from a 67 person vote to a simple majority. Both of these party leaders are proud of the senate and the longterm rules that have embodied the structure. Senator Reid said the Republicans are abusing the filibuster, whereas Senator McConnell says it is a constitutional right and that he may not feel the same if his party is no longer the majority. To read more, please visit