State Senator Makes “Right” Switch

Elephant News stumbled on this youtube video by Elbert Guillory, a Louisiana State Senator. In this video, he addresses what many have called a “bold” decision of how he switched from being Democrat to Republican. Senator Guillory explains that he does not view this as a bold decision at all, but the right decision for him and for all his brother and sisters in the black community. He starts the video reminding everyone that although the left has made everyone think they are the only party for African Americans, but it was indeed the Right who were founded as an anti-abolition party. He continues to say that liberalism is the idea that one cannot get out of poverty without reliance on the government, but there has been no change in the poorer communities. Senator Guillory explains that he thinks freedom is a term that is thrown around too much lately, and we forget what it means to truly embody the term. The core of the Republican party, Guillory believes, stands for what it means to be free. This is the idea that an individual has control over their own destiny, and does not need to government for the welfare of themselves or the entire country. In the conclusion of his video, he quotes Martin Luther King Jr. who said, “Free at last, free at last, thank god almighty, we are free at last.” Senator Guillory urges the rest of his fellow African Americans to not make the “bold” switch, but what he views as the right switch. To watch the video, please visit