Republican Senators Want Permanent Delay of Obamacare

“I believe that we should not vote or pass a continuing resolution unless that continuing resolution defunds Obamacare. If you want to delay implementation don’t fund it.” Senator Marco Rubio from Florida spoke at a breakfast this morning hosted by the Weekly Standard and Concerned Veterans for America. With the employer mandate delayed for one year for companies with more than 50 employees required purchase healthcare, Republican Senators are pushing for the a permanent delay for all Americans. Although they unanimously want the law repealed, they are fighting at the moment where they can. With Obamacare going into action in October, the time is now to stop millions of Americans from getting health coverage under this new law. Senator Thune from South Dakota headed a press conference along with leadership Senator Cornyn who is minority whip, Senator Barrasso who is head of the Republican Poliicy Conference, Senator Moran who is chair of NRSC, and Senator Blunt whois vice-chair for the Senate Republican Conference. Senator Thune started the effort by saying that 45 of his Republican colleagues and he sent a letter to Obama that urges him to permanently delay Obamacare for not just businesses, but for all Americans who will have to deal with more taxes and less possibilities. Thune said, “Republicans believe we must prevent from this house of cards from falling on Americans, not just businesses.” Senator John Barrasso, who himself is a Doctor, said that the Obama administration needs to refocus on what the healthcare reform originally sought to do which is lower the cost of health care and allow people to choose their doctors. Instead, what the American people see is a seven foot paper tower of regulations that increase taxes. Senator Blunt pointed out that Obama waited till after he was reelected to add 20,000 pages of regulations. He questioned if this is so good for the American people, why he did not do so before he campaigned? Republican Senators have been very clear that they want this bill to be repealed, and that there should be a permanent delay for a system that is clearly not going to work. To read more, please visit and