Boehner Took Personal Offense To Farm Bill, and He Won

With the LGBT movement in popular media, immigration reform, NSA scandal, and the ongoing Obamacare fight, Speaker John Boehner used the July Fourth weekend to refuel the passing of the Farm Bill. After the original was voted down, it seems as though the speaker took personal offense to his Republican majority failing to pass a bill favored by many conservatives. The 216-208 pass today shows that even though he did not convince many House members, he got enough on board to satisfy at least half on this legislation. The bill changed that it stripped the nutrition title which affects food stamps and local food banks. The floor got heated where Representative Brown shouted ‘shame on Republicans,’ for voting for this bill. She was quickly asked to sit, and refused to apologize for her statement. She was allowed, however, to resume her 42 seconds to speak on the floor where she said it was a “sad day for the people of the house.” She said, “Mitt Romney was right, you all do not care about the 47 percent.” The house then erupted, and the speaker asked for those to take their issue outside of the floor. Although opposition, the bill passed. Now, the nation looks to the House in how they will progress with the Immigration Bill.