Senator Paul and Immigration

It is no secret that Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky is considering a presidential run for 2016. He first grabbed national attention with his filibuster discussing drone use. Paul is also focused on the NSA scandal, and appeals to the large tea party base. His father, Ron Paul, entered the primaries for 2012 and was a  libertarian. Senator Paul is unique that he is very conservative, but also welcoming to more moderate social issues.  Senator Paul was one of the Republican Senators who voted against immigration reform, and he seems to realize that this would hurt his chances with the large latino population in the United States. He plans to head to Nevada for various political events, and in an interview with Politico he said “I think Nevada is and should be open to the message that the Republican Party needs to be more welcoming to immigrants,” Paul said. “I think the message for the Republican Party needs to be that we welcome you. If you want to work, we will find a place for you.” When Alexander Burns, the author of the article, pressed him whether his recent voting record would work against this statement, he said he is “working with members in the House to move something forward.” Senator Paul’s immigration reform would allow Congress to ascertain that certain border security is in place before illegal immigrants are granted citizenship. To read more, please visit