Bush Is Back

George W. Bush’s library is truly state of the art. It utilizes technology to grant an interactive approach to issues, and the Bush Institute is to be a center of learning and promotion of Americans’ political interests. Before the official opening in April, the former president was noticeably absent. He left office with a low approval rating, an economy on the brink of collapse, and two wars in the Middle East. Recently, however, Bush is back on the scene and has a higher approval rating than President Barack Obama. He has tactfully responded to any criticism that he chose the best he could given every situation, and is allowing history to be his end critic. Bush is also becoming an active part of Southern Methodist University, a largely Republican school that is nicknamed “Southern Millionaire University.” George W. Bush spoke today at a panel where he addressed immigration reform. Bush said, “We are also a nation of laws, and we must enforce the laws,” he said, calling the renewed immigration discussion “good.” “But we have a problem. The laws governing our immigration system are not working. The system is broken,” according to Dallas Daily News. According to the article, Bush takes personal interest in the immigration system as he tried to pass a series of laws while president. His museum “highlights” his efforts in this area. Bush did not mention anything about politics or the GOP, and has taken a relatively objective approach in order to promote bipartisan leadership that focuses on reform rather than parties. To read more, please visit http://trailblazersblog.dallasnews.com/2013/07/george-w-bush-calls-once-again-for-positive-resolution-to-the-immigration-debate.html/