Senator Scott Example of American Dream

As the GOP is grappling to reach out to minorities, they should indeed turn their attention to the only African American Republican in the senate, Tim Scott from South Carolina. Senator Scott’s story is quite inspiring, and an example that temporary failure does not limit future possibilities. On the senate floor today, he spoke of the sacrifice his widowed mother made in order to keep Scott and his brother off the reliance of welfare, and that he failed most of his freshman classes in High School. He “drifted” back on course, however, when he met a mentor named John. John told Senator Scott that you could think your way out of poverty. Scott said that you could have a job, but to create jobs was even better. Senator Scott spent the beginning of his speech focusing on the growing South Carolina economy, and is a success story in himself that he went form a near high-school drop out to a United States senator. As recent gallop polls have shown, the number one issue that Americans want their leaders in DC to address is the high unemployment rate and slow economic growth. Senator Scott is dedicated to turning America away form debt, and resifts light on the values the Republican party has for small business owners, and the idea that the US is indeed the land of opportunity. Scott wants to focus on education, economic empowerment, and controlling our spending addiction. He thinks that there definitely needs to be a reform in the tax code and a national debate on education reform. Senator Scott concluded his speech saying, “If we create a competitive tax code and a fair, sensible regulatory environment, as well as a world-class education system, we will create the best economy know to man just like we have in the past.” Senator Scott’s speech on the senate floor was inspiring and truly focuses on what are the core values of the Republican party. To watch his speech, please visit