Limbaugh vs. Fox Part II

Rush Limbaugh and Fox News are similar in that they appeal to a large, right wing audience. Limbaugh who has 5 million loyal listeners and Fox, who people take as a religion, would be an interesting match indeed if they ever were to go head to head.  The two had tension when Limbaugh called in Fox & Friends, and was obviously steered away from criticizing the GOP and urging Republicans to stop fighting against Obamacare. Politico caught the next tension when a caller from Tampa alluded to information he got from Fox Business Channel, and Limbaugh told him to stop watching because these people would make you “question your sanity.” Limbaugh released a statement today, however, that he never stated to “stop watching Fox News,” and was instead referring to the liberals that they had on the show. This release is either a way to save himself from Fox criticism, or merely an olive branch that he continues to support the channel. Either way, time will tell if the two right wing influencers will continue to be allies. To read Limbaugh’s release, please visit