Cheney Raises Red Flag In Wyoming

It is sometimes rare for smaller population states’ senatorial races to command national attention, but there are very few households in America who do not know the name Cheney. Former vice-president Dick Cheney’s daughter, Liz, is eyeing Senator Mike Enzi’s seat even though he does not plan on retiring. Not only does this create an party rift for voters in this die-hard red state, it also requires party leaders to chose sides. Former Senator Alan Simpson and current Congresswoman Cythia Lummis have already voiced their opposition, but the power the Cheney family holds is clear in the New York Times article by Jonathan Martin when an interviewer spoke with a woman in Newcastle, Wyoming. This woman is quoted saying: “It wouldn’t go over well here if she stepped over him,” the woman said. “She just moved back here, she didn’t even grow up here, and I don’t think she could beat him.”But seeing a reporter jot down her remarks, the woman pleaded that her name not be published because she did not want to offend the Cheneys.“We love her and her family, and we hope she has a place,” she said. “But not his place.” To read more, please visit