Alexander Taking Nothing For Granted

Republican Senator Lamar Alexander from Tennessee is up for re-election come 2014, and he is already preparing ads to ensure he is re-elected. As Republicans around the United States find the hardest part has been winning primaries, Alexander is not taking this election lightly. According to Alexander Burns writing for Politico, the ad focuses on his Freedom to Fish legislation. Although Alexander was one of the 14 senators to vote for immigration reform, he is showing his loyalty to the conservative cause of limited government and personal freedom. Burns wrote, “The just-enacted law blocks the federal Corps of Engineers from imposing a moratorium on fishing around dams on the Cumberland River. Alexander’s ad, which a campaign source shared with POLITICO, casts it as a measure that stands up to the power of the federal government.” Senator Alexander has already raised 2 million from April to June of this year, and is relying on his support from major Republicans in Tennessee to ensure he is back on Capitol Hill. To read more, please visit