Limbaugh vs. Fox

No matter if you’re for or against him, Rush Limbaugh has made an impressive name for himself. With a weekly audience of 15 million, this talk show host holds the ears and changes the opinions of many right-wing conservatives. Limbaugh appeared on Fox & Friends last night, another network that has great influence with its viewers. When asked if Obamacare will survive, Rush replied, “It’s the law of the land. It will survive, but I think it’s going to implode on itself. It’s just unworkable. It is 2,200 pages of a brand-new bureaucracy that transfers one sixth of the economy to the government, which doesn’t know how to run anything properly, particularly this one. The idea that… Why are they selling it? Why are they? It’s the law of the land. I’ll tell you why they’re selling it: It’s because of the 2014 midterms. ” Limbaugh believes that the Obama Administration is trying to reverse the negative effects of the prior election with a 35% approval rating by making Obamacare popular. The tension between Fox news hosts and Limbaugh showed, however, when Limbaugh said Republicans need to get behind Obamacare and stop going against every major issue which is causing them to lose supporters. When News Anchor Bolling said that young people won’t sign up for Obamacare, Limbaugh shot back, “No, no. If they don’t sign up, they’re going to be fined. The IRS will find them and they’ll be fined. The interesting number is the young people, people under 24, I saw the other day that the average annual expense for health care is like 800 bucks. The minimum premium is going to be $5,500. I tell you, that’s going to be another golden opportunity for the Republicans here.”Fox & Friends quickly moved the direction away from Limbaugh’s point to talk about baseball. To read more, please visit